Mila in our signature green tennis sweater. At raquette we design casual yet stylish uniforms for the modern everyday. Our aim: for kids to feel comfortable, confident and simply at ease



The collection is inspired by the book BOTANICA URBANA BARCELONA by Faustí Llucià

Urban Botany is a journey along the streets of Barcelona through leaves and seeds found on the ground ... like in the old days of the flaneur, we were wandering the streets of our city. Re-discovering the old and new, the usual and the unusual, the seen and the unseen

Serendipity is basically our only goal – finding things without expecting to


Here an excerpt from the book, which is actually mainly visual. The lines are a great read and an even better reflection

BOTANICA URBANA (words by Vicenç Pagès i Jordà)

By the time that our child starts walking, he has had more photographs taken of him than our parents in their whole lives. By today’s standards, naturalism is seen to be in bad taste. Younger generations, who have learned to build complicated photo- images based on false spontaneity, have half a dozen available smiles carefully rehearsed in front of the mirror: one for each occasion and an extra one for unexpected moments

Furthermore, used to search engines, to finding what they are looking for in milliseconds, they are unaware of the pleasures of chance findings. Since they don’t browse encyclopedias or dictionaries, they aren’t used to pondering over a photograph or a new word that presents itself unexpectedly before their eyes

Used to moving around in vehicles, they have unlearnt being curious, letting themselves be led by the sound of steps, by the random chance of colors or forms

Used to making appointment in real time, they don’t
need to wait or stroll while waiting for one another. Digital natives consider that strolling is a waste of time comparable only to watching television without a remote control

But art cannot be understood without loss, without tedium, without inactivity or empty spaces

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