Jaehee Park - 7 years old Korean tennis player


Through-out the year, we will interview some kids tennis players from all around the world understanding what drives their passion for the sport of tennis, where they play and how they practice

Our first kids tennis player to profile is Jaehee Park. A 7 years old boy from Korea that inspired us already since a very long time. Find below his interview

R: Dear Jaehee, where are you exactly from and how old are you?

I am 7 years old and from Geonggi-do Korea

R: Why did you choose tennis? Who inspired you?

I have always played tennis with my dad since I was a baby. Of course, I enjoy other sports, too, but tennis is the most fun

R: How often do you practice and where?

I usually practice 3 hours 3 time a week at Goyang Tennis Academy

R: Do you do other sports/ activities to improve your tennis level?

Yes, I always enjoy doing other sports with my dad … golf, soccer, basketball, table tennis, badminton etc. I think this is making me stronger and faster

R: What is the thing you like most about tennis … maybe better than in any other sport?

I don’t know really, I just like tennis. I want to be a pro tennis player one day

R: What should your favourite tennis outfit look like:

I like to match color and brand. My favourite color is black actually :-). I don’t really care much otherwise …

R: Did you adopt a routine ? We know that famous tennis players often have weird routines on the court …

I always change my racket or my t-shirt when the game does not work out

R: If you had a wish after winning a great tournament, what would it be?

My wish is to play more tennis with my dad. He is always busy working

R: Which Grand Slam tournament would you choose to play at?

Roland Garros. I like clay court <3

R: Do you do summer tennis camp?

No, I have never done tennis camp. I would love to experience it though


This interview has been done with the help of Jaehee’s parents. All rights of use of the interview and imagery exclusively to raquette. Do not use content or imagery without our permission!

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