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By sometimes trying to be overly perfect we often forget about the simple things that can be done to be a bit more sustainable at home. In the end it all goes back to CARE and a more CONSCIOUS mindset


Here some recommendations that we are following ourselves



“Do I really like the item?”

“Will my kid wear the item with confidence and ease?”

“Will the item serve to make at least 5 different outfits?”

“Does the color work back with the rest of the wardrobe?”

“Is it a cool piece … is it cool in 1 year or 2 as well?”

“Is the material quality good enough to last?”


·      BUY 1-2 SIZES UP

Raquette products generally have already a bit of an oversized fit, so for pants you should buy actual size or maximum 1 size bigger. However, for tops you should try and buy 2 sizes up unless you completely dislike an oversized look. The materials we choose are heavier than the industry standard because we want our garments to last



Although cotton can be washed up to 60 degrees most of the time, we strongly recommend doing your washes at max 40 degrees. Not only do you safe energy costs, but the garment is kept in much better shape for a longer time

We also recommend stopping the use of softeners as the garments will quickly become soft themselves after a bit of wear. Apparently, softeners can provoke allergies or worsen existing ones (just to keep in mind, too)


·      AIR DRY

Please air dry your products. It is the best way to safe the costs and space for just another machine, to safe energy overall,and to protect the items themselves resulting in longer use



Garments at raquette are simple and designed to wear for all sorts of purposes. Depending on your openness towards layering, you might find most products usable across all seasons. If an items gets defective do not just throw it away, but see whether with a bit of sewing or a patch, it can last another months

Since most of the designs are unisex you can easily share between siblings or hand the item over to friends. Raquette items are practical and meant for everyday use with a democratic design, so there should be plenty of opportunities to maximize their use


Probably most of us have gone through the same difficulties with our first kid. We come from a minimalist mindset, but suddenly end up with tons of stuff … and not just clothes obviously. Below, some of my experiences to share with you


First, kids do not need that many clothes and it is ok for them to wear stuff that have some small stains or even holes … who cares?! As a starting point go for a small closet, because the smaller the closet, the more you challenge yourself what should be in


Next, a more difficult one, really think about the color theme of your wardrobe (… unless you do not care at all on what goes together or not). The advantage of this is that you have to think less every morning since everything works back with everything. If a new piece enters, you are sure to have enough other things that combine. It does not have to be necessarily a wardrobe of just neutral colors – how boring would that be?! Whatever colors you fancy, just make sure you stay as much as you can within the same color world. This helps with washing, too, as you make sure the washing machine is most probably always full


Kids need a lot of clothes that are comfortable for playing and that you do not mind getting dirty. I have realized that there are actually very few occasions for the “special pieces “ as these either turned out not to be practical, or too pretty to get dirty or too difficult to wash. So if the everyday wardrobe is the one most used, make sure to buy quality items. I found out that my way of thinking was often very different from others. However, I invest a lot in the everyday wardrobe and very little in special items


Finally, do not be afraid to buy second hand or exchange clothes with other mothers. Why would you? Plenty of nice pieces can be found nowadays online or at backyard sales. I particularly buy vintage pieces second hand or pieces for the “washed out look”. Never believed to buy these items new, what is the point anyways, right?


Hope that helped

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