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The pool has always had a great attraction to me, mostly in summer. As a tennis player competing a lot in southern Europe, I particularly appreciated the combination of tennis and pool. The pool was training and recreation at the same time. Even today I can imagine no better treat than dipping into the pool

Summer without a pool close by is unthinkable. wherever I consider travelling or installing myself, the first question would always be about the pool. Having the sea in close distance is nice to have, but the pool is a must

As a mother of a little boy, I can hardly take advantage of the pool during regular day hours. yet, I found ways to get my summer pool time. Different from before, mostly solo. Yet to be honest, it has never been better.  I experimented a lot with timing and routines, some of which I will share further on

Before the baby, the pool was mostly about time, laps, speed, endurance, and strength. Often the pool side was the chosen place to read books. Sometimes it was the place to chat with friends or do some small talk. This has changed. Now I am frequenting the pool either very early in the morning or late in the evening. I have become sort of a summer solo pooling woman and one that enjoys herself very much like that

The pool gives me more safety than the sea. Since I know what is below and above, I am more tranquil to let go and focus on my thoughts, my body. The sea to me is too deep, too unpredictable, and too unstable. Certainly, there are lots of impactful things about the sea, but my element regarding water is the pool. I like it in all shapes and forms. I like it at all times. I mostly use it in summer although increasingly throughout the year no matter the temperature. I am also excited to discover new pool designs, colors of the water and different views while pooling

Here some personal recommendations on summer solo pooling: 

·       pooling with the early birds start to put some water to your face, arms, and legs before fully diving in. Maybe do some aqua running first and then whatever you feel. Personally, I prefer crawling at the early hour. Do not be afraid it could be cold as it most probably will be. Instead think of the refreshing and rejuvenating effect or the prickling warmth after a hot shower 

·       night pooling or when everyone else is having dinner in spain, which is very late in summer. I prefer to jump in when the sun is already down, but it is not yet dark. I find it the most peaceful pool hour. for night pooling I prefer breast strokes aiming to swim as quietly as possible focusing on the sky and the silence that has returned to the water after the big whirl during the day

·       slow swimming this one cost me a bit of adjustment and time. I am usually all about performance when it comes to sport. I literally had to force myself to swim slowly by shifting the mindset to working on a better swimming technique. eventually, I must admit that slow swimming has become my meditation. I really take an enormous pleasure now in following each stroke consciously from start to end and feeling the breath becoming more rhythmic with every meter

·       changing swimming techniques challenge yourself by learning different swimming techniques. Not only is it in favor of your muscles, but it offers distinct views and more swimming options to choose from depending on how you feel 

·       take a break sometimes all you need is rest. Use the break to gaze into the near or far. Listen to the different sounds around you. I often use swimming breaks for stretching. a daily stretch should be top priority anyway, but nothing compares to stretching in the water


any solo pooling passions you can share with me, I would be much thankful


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