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At raquette we are big animal lovers. We have grown up around animals and always had pets. They are part of our family and we believe they have an enormous positive impact on our emotional balance and well-being. If you are interested in animals, you certainly have read many articles about what to learn from them. Bravery in the case of lions. Loyalty from the dogs. Hygiene from the cats. Working hard from the bees 

It is widely known that a pet can teach the kids to take responsibility and care. However, there is a lot more to learn and experience from animals. For 3 years now we are having a small poodle with quite an attitude to her 

My personal learning list from Cava

  •  start with a good-morning-stretch followed by some heavy shaking. The best way to get your blood circulation going. Do more stretches and shaking over the day to relax, relief muscles and re-focus 

  • Play, play and play and do not take yourself too seriously. A big secret to everyday happiness  

  • Retain your instincts and rely on them. Do what you think no matter the saying of others. Sometimes you might get punished and so what 

  • If your body is tired very often the best thing to do is simply getting a good rest and a big dose of sleep. Just drop your head, close your eyes and do not think of anything else

  • Intend to live as much as you can with natural light meaning to get up in the morning with the first daylight and to go to sleep, when it is dark    

  • Be selective what you eat and do some good ‘sniffing’ before you devour in. All too many good reasons to be a gourmet

  • Be a networker. Talk to people. Be interested in people. Remember them by name (smell). Contacts open up many doors and opportunities 

  • Do not be a couch potato. Go outside no matter the weather. Stroll around. Observe. Check out what is new. Chat a bit here and there. A good way to keep in shape, healthy and socially connected

  • Make the best out of every situation. There is always something positive to find or learn in almost everything 

  • Treat people that love you with the greatest respect. Give affection and receive affection

  • Be charming. Charm gets you everywhere and everything

  • Be kind, although sometimes do not be too kind. Understand who deserves your kindness and who will only take advantage of it

  • Some routine can be good. Routines can help you structure the everyday and do things with discipline 

  • Above all live in the present. Not the past. Not the future. The present

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